Friday, January 7, 2011

Rebooting the brain....

Technically I've been back from the UK since Tuesday, but I think I'm still trying to reboot my brain.
Falling right back into lab routine is stalling on me for some reason.  I think it has something to do with these:

A) The last meeting with my PI went something like this:
"Hmmm, what we thought was going to have significance didn't.  We need to figure out where to go with this."
B) I need to re-read my notes from the last meeting and then read a ton of literature.
C) My PI has been away all week, and I know that if I start things, they are going to scrap everything come Monday anyway.
D) My car decided to crap out on me, and I'm currently waiting for the death toll call from the mechanic to find out how much more in debt I'm about to be.

The last one saps my concentration quite a bit. 
Not to mention the Mr. is still in the UK for a couple more weeks, so I have full time duty of taking care of the Spoiled Rotten Cat, which is still slightly traumatized from being left for 2 weeks.

I wish I knew how to remove the fog from my brain.  Copious amounts of coffee might do the trick.

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