Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm not insane -- my mother had me tested.

It's been a lovely crap-tastic week.  It always feels like no matter what I do, in whatever order, I'm not doing things fast enough or efficiently enough.  Of course it's been 24 hours since I started the de-icing process, and I'm just now finished hammering, heating, and mopping up the mess. 

Oddly enough I'm looking forward to having no social engagements and a full Saturday & Sunday to get stuff done in the lab.  And that's just sad.  I'm at the stage when I'm starting to get annoyed with classes because they really interrupt things.  I think I only have one next semester, and then after that I just go to two more seminars over the following two years. 

It IS Thursday...which means a new episode of Big Bang Theory!!!  Initially the over-used laugh track really put me off, but Sheldon Cooper won me over.

While I'm not one of those sci-fi obsessed geeks, I love the terminology jokes that are bantered around.  I don't get a TON of physics, but I can appreciate it (I liked Feynman's Six Easy Pieces).  And where else is the word protocol thrown about more in a non-military setting?  It's a show when I can revel in my nerdiness within the household....and by household I mean my husband and our spoiled-rotten cat. 

My husband has ~2 years of what the UK calls a "bioscience" degree, but then quit because he's more art/music orientated.  He gets the gist of my work, but I feel no compulsion to bore him with minute details of the day-to-day (I'll save that for when I defend my thesis a few years down the road).  In this respect, most of my social interaction is with non-science people (and thusly turn to the blog world for science-y interaction).  The Mr. will sit through Big Bang Theory, but usually it's out of hanging out with me, rather than wanting to watch it.  I've had to explain what a Ren Faire is, and whether or not online gamers or comic conventions "really look like that," so his dislike is more from lack of commonality than anything else. 

That said, one of my best friends told me about Big Bang Theory, and she's not what I would consider science-y oriented.  I contend there's some mass appeal beyond the nerd community...I'm guessing it might be the witty sarcasm/ quick dialog insults a la Will and Grace sort of humor.   

Either way, it's this time of the week that I get to sit down with a snack, giggle at the jokes, and enjoy that someone out there is catering to my demographic for once.

If this is dis-jointed, it's because it was written over several breaks from various other things in the lab.  I really should end this and figure out which fire to put out next.

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